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Your dilemma information is stored with dcyder.com on server which is located in the United States. dcyder.com does not store any twitter username and passwords. We take any reports of confidentiality and security breaches extremely seriously, however "100% security" does not exist on the Internet.

Conditions of Use

dcyder.com is not responsible for the accuracy of user submitted content and any information provided should not be taken as advice. Any information provided on this site should not influence any decision you make. dcyder.com does not declare that the content found on this site is all the information you will need for a given situation or decision. dcyder.com only contains opinions and you should seek professional advise before making any decisions. The content on this website does not reflect the opinion or view of dcyder.com

dcyder.com reserves the right to remove any user content submitted to the website at any time without authorisation from the user who submitted the content.

No company or person may reproduce in any form any part of dcyder.com without prior written consent. The term "copyright" protects rights to the intellectual property created and published online at dcyder.com. Any use of any automated system to extract data from dcyder.com for the use on any other website is strictly prohibited, for example, screen scraping.

Updates To Our Policies

dcyder.com's policy may change from time to time at our discretion. If there are any significant changes we will place a notice prominently on our site or alternatively we will send an email to the email address specified in your account details.

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Dcyder is a service for when you're stuck and not sure what to do. You simply add your dilemma to Dcyder and the web community vote and add comments to help you decide...

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