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right now there are a few guys that have made it obvious theyre interested in me. The one i like the most waas supposed to come over yesterday and blew me off to chill with his friends! i dont really like the other guys who are into me. but what do i do t

Final Results

act like nothing happened and plan a rain check
or confront him about it and tell him it hurt


No drama here, just typical guy stuff. Put it out of your mind. VOE
Added by Anonymous - about 7 years ago
Make no deal out off it and then maybe blow him off once. Not to make him dislike you, but to make him want you more! Play hard to get if he's into that kind of thing ;) ~KendallJ
Added by Anonymous - about 7 years ago
You can confront him and tell him it hurt but that's not going to help you get him that's just going to turn him off. So if you still want to hook up with him I wouldnt confront him
Added by Anonymous - about 7 years ago
Yeah pretend as if you didn't care that he blew you off, I wouldn't even mention it to him. Then just keep chatting to him and organize something in a week or so
Added by Anonymous - about 7 years ago

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