a coincidence or not?

a boy from my school came up to me and said i should go out with his friend, a couple of days later his friend was at the park with me and he walked off with another boy (jack), jack then turned around after having a 'convo' with this boy and shouted my n

Final Results

i havent got a clue what to do
i need help..NOW!


u wish he would like u
Added by Anonymous - over 6 years ago
What VOE said is pretty much right on target -- it is probbably just a big nothing, so just get it out of your brain.
Added by Anonymous - over 6 years ago
I wouldn't make much of this. It's just a couple of guys doing dumb guy stuff. Jack was just trying to embarrass his buddy. Sounds stupid, I know, but guys at that age (oh, hell, at any age) do stupid stuff. It doesn't have any real meaning to it so just
Added by Anonymous - over 6 years ago

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